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Enjoy your holidays visiting beautiful lakes, glistening with crystal clear water. Each lake has a story of its own which fascinates you to no end. The surrounding hills and the unexploited serene surroundings will make your vacation an unforgettable memory.  The crystal clear waters teeming with aquatic life attract a variety of birds and animals. Opportunities for activities like boating, angling and bird watching are not to be missed.
Nainital :
The most famous lake hill station of the himalayas, Nainital is an all time favourite with the tourists. Situated at 1938 mts above sea level, Naini lake is surrounded by by seven legendry peaks-naina peak, alma peak, snow view, laria kanta, camels back, bara pathar and tiffin top besides several scenic spots.
The lake is mentioned in Manas Khand of Skand Purana as Tri Rishi Sarovar or the lake of three rishis- Atri,Pulastya & Pulaha.     
Later on, the legend of lake formed by Parvati’s eye as Lord Shiva wandered with her charred body have given it the present name Nayana or Naini -tal. Enjoy the play with clouds and mist amidst the clouds. Enjoy horse ride to peaks for spectacular views or a cable car to Snow View. Then there is high altitude zoo and Raj Bhawan with undulating lawns and the highest 18 hole golf course of the country Boats and colourful Yachts add gaiety to the beauty of this lake. The Mall adjacent to the lake is famous for its quality shops and eateries

Naukuchiatal :
This lake with nine corners  within an enchanting valley is 983m long, 693 m at the widest and upto 40 m deep offering  opportunity for angling and bird watching. There are deep clean nine corners of the lake which the legend says should not be seen at the same time by any human
About 250 meters before the Naukuchiatal lake is visible you are blessed by sight of 60 feet high statue of Shri Hanuman amidst green fields and mountains in the background.    
Colorful para gliders carrying adventurous tourists and piloted by experts add to the gaiety of the colorful backdrop. The deepest lake of this region encircled by verdant green hills is an exquisite place to visit for boating in Shikaras and frolicking by the unspoilt lakeside.

A cluster of beautiful lakes situated at 1370 above the sea level, Sattal is mentioned extensively in the Puranas. A green, unspoilt environ combines with numerous temples which dot the area to create an attractive destination for visitors. It finds mention as  Virat Desh  in Shantiparva of Mahabharata. A 4 Km trek to ancient Hidamba temple will make you believe the folklore we tell you. A cluster of three lakes Ram, Laxman and Sita lakes have now been joined together to make a single bigger lake. Then there are other lakes which are not perennial.    

Nal Damyanti Tal
This is butterfly and bird watching country and a private butterfly collection will expose you to a variety Zoologists dream of.
This small but evergreen lake is teeming with all sorts of lovely fish which are never killed by the villagers. It's a local belief that Lord Vishnu has blessed the aquatic  life here with the result that human beings can not destroy them. There are many fascinating stories associated with this lake in which the famous folklore couple Nal and Damyanti figures prominently.     


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